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Catalonia Notecards

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s personal correspondence paper, this template announces itself with a bold, centered type. (Dali’s took up ⅓ of the page—we’ve scaled back a bit but kept the spirit intact). Choose the font that suits your personality, and conjure the artist’s imagination with every letter.

Includes our signature debossed Maurèle envelopes. 

All prices in USD. 

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A Random Jaunt

"I write to discover what I know." - Flannery O'Connor

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Texture and Color

Smooth with a sturdy heft, this flat paper allows the pen to glide over it with ease—whether one’s grip is light or heavy. Subtle grooves give this paper a natural texture and a soft finish—like the bark of a tree or footprint in the soil. This smooth-finished paper is flecked with subtle hints of colour.

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Typography & Ink

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Choose your ink colorKnightfall Black

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Meticulously crafted, carefully considered.

Carefully curated fonts

Our library features distinctive fonts crafted by independent foundries and world class type designers.

Sustainably sourced paper

We source our papers from sustainable North American mills that use recycled pulp, water conservation techniques and harness wind power for electrical energy.

Owned and operated printers

Working with family-run printers using environmentally-friendly inks.