A lost art, a first love.

It begins with a pen.

Nick gives Cece a felt tipped pen for her birthday. Sleek, modern, matte black. This sparks an epistolary romance, shoeboxes filled with letters, the precise way he dots his i’s, and she signs her name. Before the pen there was a summer wind, Salinger and Kerouac in the park, a family printshop, the art store. After the pen, there were fifteen years of love, design, New York City, Montreal, an atelier, a baby, and now there is Maurèle.

A blank page, a new beginning.

Maurèle was created to help us slow down, connect with ourselves and with others, and live more thoughtfully through the ritual of taking pen to paper. A sketch, a scribble, a grocery list written as a haiku: ​I’ve gone to the shop / Bread, wine, cheese, apples and figs / I’ll see you at five. T​o say thank you, how are you, whatever it is your heart wants you to.

We invite you to slow down and live more thoughtfully—to find quiet moments in comfortable corners to read, write, and think.